Andon Doppler Fetal Heartbeat Doctor


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General Battery: 2 x AA battery (not included)
Probe operating frequency: 2.0MHz
Measurement display range: 50 - 230 times per minute
Comprehensive sensitivity: less than 90dB
Working temperature: 5 - 40 degree Celsius
Probe waterproof level: IPX2
   Product Detail            Item Type: Oximeter
Package weight: 0.6500 kg
Product Size ( L x W x H ): 13.50 x 9.50 x 3.50 cm / 5.31 x 3.74 x 1.38 inches
Package Size ( L x W x H ): 15.00 x 12.00 x 5.00 cm / 5.91 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches
Package Content: 1 x Main Body, 1 x Probe


- This product is suitable for the measurement of fetal heart rate.
- Lightweight and compact design, it is portable and easy to store.
- LED screen with colored backlight design, you can see the information clearly.
- There are two ways of listening, convenient for daily use.
- The unit area ultrasound power is low, safe and reliable.
- With sensitive independent probe, it can accurately monitor the fluctuations of the fetal heart.
- It is more intuitive to display a variety of information with two displays of numbers and curves.

- This product is not explosion-proof instrument, and it can not be used in the environment with flammable anesthesia instrument.
- This product is the internal power supply instrument, the electric shock protection grade is BF type.
- This product is powered by 2pcs AA batteries. If you do not use this product for a long time, please take out the battery in time.
- This product is only the tool for fetal heart rate examination, and it can not replace routine fetal monitoring.
- The extension length of the probe wiring shall not exceed 1.5m, otherwise the wiring may break away from the interface.
- The main body is not waterproof, please do not make the main body contact with water.
- Please ensure that the product is not subject to strong electromagnetic interference, such as microwave oven.

-Q: Does the product produce radiation effects?
A: The ultrasonic power per unit area of this product conforms to international safety standards. The intensity of electromagnetic radiation is much weaker than that of mobile phone radiation, which belongs to the safe range.
-Q: How long pregnant can hear the baby's fetal heart?
A: 10 - 16 weeks. The 28th week of pregnancy is a critical period for fetal heart monitoring. Pregnant women can take self-test at home or go to the hospital for obstetric examination to timely determine whether the fetus has hypoxia and other safety problems.
-Q: How to find the location of the fetal heart?
A: In general, the fetal heart of a fetus at a small gestational age is located about one-third of the way from the umbilical cord to the pubic symphysis line. As the gestational age increases, the fetal position shifts to the left or right. When monitoring the fetal heart, first touch the fetal position with your hand to find the best position for fetal heart detection.
-Q: Which period of time is suitable for the measurement of fetal heart?
A: It is recommended that pregnant women use this product for fetal heart monitoring over 12 weeks of pregnancy. The specific period of time when the fetal heart rate is obvious is as follows: 1. within 30 minutes after the pregnant woman gets up. 2. 40 - 60 minutes after lunch for pregnant women. 3. 30 minutes before the pregnant woman goes to bed at night.
-Q: What is the normal range of fetal heart rate?
A: 120 - 160 times per minute.
-Q: Why is there noise when using this product?
A: This product is sensitive to any sound vibration, including air vibration, so there will be noise after starting up, which is a normal phenomenon. The louder the sound, the louder the noise. At the same time, this product can also detect intestinal peristalsis, umbilical cord artery, abdominal artery vibration noise, these are common conditions.
-Q: How to clean this product?
A: The surface of the product can be wiped with non-corrosive cleaner, do not use high temperature disinfection or corrosive cleaner for cleaning. A small amount of alcohol can be used to wipe and disinfect the probe.



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