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អាស្រ័យដ្ឋាន៖ ផ្ទះលេខ 110 ផ្លូវ ម៉ៅសេទុង កែងផ្លូវ155 សង្កាត់ ទួលទំពូងទី១ ខ័ណ្ឌ ចំការមន ក្រុង ភ្នំពេញ។ ចំងាយ 150ម ស្តុបទួលទំពូង ឫ ស្តុបទន្លេបាសាក់។

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1. 087 48 88 48
2. 078 48 88 48

#110 St. 245 (Mao Tse Toung), Songkat Tuol Tompong 1, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh

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BrandName XIAOMI
Marca compatible Apple iPhones
ZMI USB Cable Black / Red
Feature MFI Certified
Length of Cable 100cm
Attributes For iPhone Lightning


The ZMI USB Cable uses the same material as the body armor. The high strength and good toughness of the material greatly enhance the tensile and anti-folding ability of the thread body.
Strong Braided Cable
The preparation layer of the 16-strand high-strength polypropylene yarn protects the inside of the cable body, improving the material sense of the thread and being more wear-resistant.
Integrated full-cover design
ZMI USB Cable takes special treatment on the vulnerable sheath part. The new integrated cover design can effectively reduce the cracking and damage of the sheath part.
MFi-certified braided cable
ZMI USB Cable is certified by MFi and can be used to charge Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and other lightning charging interfaces. It supports IOS10.
No Longer Messy 
The ZMI USB Cable is magnetically designed. The attached magnet pendant can be attached to the desk or bedside to solve the storage problem.



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